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Our live room is designed to be your favourite place to write and record.
Its purpose is to connect you with your potential.
There’s no time like the present. Shall we get started?
Collaborating with Lost Oscillation could be your blueprint for achievement.
Our award-winning producers enjoy working with artists on all elements of their music.  From song-craft to sound-world, we bring our 25+ years of experience to every session.
Combine your art with our hard-won wisdom. Let’s bring your vision into focus? 
We’re experts in audio. Your project can be engineered, tweaked and brought into balance. It’s a subtle science.
Need help with the chemistry of track mixing? We’re happy to talk.
Well mastered audio identifies you as a serious artist and ensures you sound your best through anything with speakers. Our mastering service is involves using our expertise and our range of analogue and digital technology to help you achieve your professional ambitions.
Let’s take your project to the next level.