The Lost Studio

The Lost Oscillation studio is home to producers Dave, Fergus, Jack & Matt. Located at The Spilt Milk Social Club, 125 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh. It is a highly equipped recording/mixing/visual studio, featuring an impressive array of analog outboard gear, as well as a huge collection of vintage synths. 

Equipment List

1x Dave Smith Instruements Prophet 12
1x Juno 60
1x Ensoniq ESQ-1
1x Korg Poly800
1x Korg Minilogue
1x Yamaha DX7
1x Omnichord OM-27
1x Jen Electronics SX-1000
1x Technics SY-1010
1x Yamaha Portasound PSS-360
1x MPC
1x Ableton Push
1x Casio SK-5
1x Korg Microsampler
3x Korg Volcas

2x Adam A77X Monitors
4x Yamaha HS80M Monitors

1x API 2500 Compressor
1x UREI 1176a Compressor
2x UREI 1176d Compressors
1x Art Pro VLA II Tube Compressor
1x Focusrite ISA One Preamp
1x Focusrite RED 8Pre
1x RME Fireface 800

1x Neumann u87
1x SE 2200
1x Shure Beta 87a
1x Shure Beta 57a

DJ Setup
2x Technics 1210s
1x Pioneer DJM-800