ouwungit have the most fun.

I packed up the macbook, a bag of mics and took off to Enniskillen to work with them on cutting their debut. The car was filled with instruments and sandwiches in Glasgow and packed onto the ferry. Fuelled by harp lager, magners, and guiness the band were so tight that the project grew in scope as the sessions went on.

We had six days of time booked in a concrete box, treated in a 1970’s manner with mattresses and sheets.The band were so together that we had all of the recording we had planned to do on the six day trip within a day and a half. This allowed us to work on more “experimental” verisons of each song, as well as have Dave Alexander (the band’s frontman) put in ovation longneck acoustic versions of a number of tracks by candlelight (naturally, straight onto cassette using the tascam deck and an SM57).

All of this material was brought back to the Lost Oscillation studio for mixing, and the application of outboard gear. Some was mastered to reel-to-reel by the wonderful Dario Lozano-Thornton and his revox machine.

The result is an amazing debut record built around a solid core of rock music, fleshed out with tender acoustic cuts and sonically fascinating alternative versions.

The music has been passed back to the band and will be brought to you soon.