Jack McKay-Fletcher is an exceptionally talented man.

In late 2015, off the back of a year building drum machines and writing philosophy on the foundation of consciousness and neural networks (as far as I can gather) studying his pHd in Plymouth, Jack joined us in the studio.

Having lived in Edinburgh for half a decade prior to moving South, the city holds a special magic for him. Therefore, we settled on recording definitive versions of original songs that he had written in the city and honed at the Jinglin’ Geordie’s Open Mic back in the good old days.

Jack and I spent a wonderful leisurely four days in the studio, between thrashing me at chess and showing me the rock climbing ropes, we put in the four songs of his most evocative of our wonderful city.

Mostly, we played together multi-track style with Jack Elliot playing drums, and Jack MF playing the 1986 Fender Strat + through the blues junior. We isolated the sources in separate rooms and monitored through headphones. From here, we would do another multitrack recording, this time with me playing bass, and Jack doing guitar overdubs, before adding JMF’s vocal.

Next up, Jack Elliot kept the record incubating in the studio, added lots of elements (omnichord, synthsisers [jen SZ100], samples [notable Dr Cornell West talking about compassion/ BB King.])

We were lucky enough to have some great musicians guest on this, including Jamie Hogg (bass), Matthew Thornton (cello, drums), Mairi Tulley (fiddle), Trembler (guitar, vocals), Dave Lloyd (synth, voice), and Fergus Cook (guitars and voice).

Once all tracking was completed, the record was lovingly mixed by Dave Lloyd & myself at the Lost Oscillation studio, getting the full hardware treatment.

Finally, we were blessed with some beautiful artwork from Edinburgh artist Genevieve Ryan, an illustrator whose work we absolutely love.

Gen and Jack bounced a few ideas back and forth. The sketch you see here is an early draft of the final image, which you will see when the record comes out on LOST OSCILLATION RECORDS on the 27th July 2016.

Overall, I think we have arrived at a lovely EP, evocative of early twenties in a rainy city where love is lost and found, and the days come and go. It was an absolute pleasure to work on this one.

JACK MF – Edinburgh

  1. Teacups
  2. Like An Actor
  3. A Song Composed In Autumn
  4. Grey, Grey City