Fergus invited George around to the studio, after catching him at Paradise Palms performing a beautiful piano accompaniment to Iona Lee‘s Poetry.  George has a huge library of written material, screaming to be recorded – so, we got to work. Trembler came round and arranged the microphone placement, shown in the photo below, his contributions were invaluable. George uses the entire spectrum of the piano, so it was important that we had the whole thing covered for accurate frequency translation!

Jack arrived during the later part of the session and helped with take selection and quality control.

Once we were happy with the takes, I took it into the mixing room and got to work – not much was needed as the source material was so good, I did run it through an ART PRO VLA II to tame the loudest peaks, but for the most part, it was all EQ. After a couple of send-back-and-forth’s with Jack, we were happy with the mix and ready to proceed!

Finally we have Iona Lee to thank for her lovely artwork – it’s the perfect visual form of a release we’re all particularly fond of.

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Dave Lloyd


Dave is a studio engineer - specialising in production, mixing & mastering. He also builds & repairs audio equipment/electronics professionally on-site. Many of his creations are utilised in our studio - such as our beloved LO-1176a compressor and LO-87 condenser microphone.