While in the production stages of Angus Gunn‘s album, we deemed it necessary to find some unusual percussive sounds to compliment the album. One of our favourite artists – Jon Hopkins is known for recording natural sounds with a field recorder and implementing them into his music, we decided to take a leaf out of his book.

Jack Elliot & I headed out to a few gardens, equipped only with a ZOOM field recorder. We recorded ourselves hitting plant pots, greenhouses, trees, bells & anything we could find that created an interesting sound. At the end of the process, we had lots of high quality, unusual sounds to work with.

At this point, we ventured into the studio and got to work on the mixing. We went for a clean, dry, hi-fidelity sound, focussing on bringing out the natural qualities of each sound, without warping them or turning them into something different. We ended up with 70 fantastic sounds, which are on sale at our site below.

If you’re looking for something different to use in your productions, we’d highly recommend them. Hear them in use in Angus Gunn‘s ‘Casting Stones’ below.

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Dave Lloyd


Dave is a studio engineer - specialising in production, mixing & mastering. He also builds & repairs audio equipment/electronics professionally on-site. Many of his creations are utilised in our studio - such as our beloved LO-1176a compressor and LO-87 condenser microphone.